Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Bing is an Internet search engine by Microsoft. It can be found at Advantages and disadvantages of the search engine are listed below. Please comment based on your experience with Bing.

Advantages of Bing:

  • More relevant and accurate search results
  • Search history in view
  • Cleaner appearance makes browsing easier
  • Show just results for ... option
  • Brief simple descriptions
Disadvantages of Bing:

  • Fancy background images slow loading
  • Does not have scientific notation function of Google
  • Not different enough for consumers to warrant a change
  • Does not display broadly related topics
  • Owned by Microsoft (The Devil, due to the company's Monopoly)


  1. Microsoft is the devil?
    To be honest, i think the vast monopoly that is Google is far worse. Microsoft haven't spent the last 20 years learning and storing every bit of information there is to know about you.

    I bet if i knew your name, i could find out what model of computer or keyboard you typed this up on, as well as what you are going to eat tomorrow (Yes, Google knows your routine)

  2. Bing is the instant Google killer, just push the button and Google is Binged.


Please add to advantages and disadvantages of this technology. Also, please share your experience with the technology.